Who are we?

Tekin Machine Plastic has been established in 1965 for manufacturing machinery spare part. Cause of innovation in 2002 we have been manufacturing filter nozzles for water treatment with applications in various fields. Expanded our activity area due to the changes in production and marketing activities. We are one of the industry’s passionate and leading companies in the industry in Turkey with the 46 year ongoing experience in production and marketing.

Nozzles in Food Quality

TKN filter nozzles are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 BS OHSAS 18001-2007 Quality Certificates.

Open Sand Filters

Filter nozzle systems placed on concrete slabs in open sand filters.

Pressure Sand Filters

Filter nozzles and diffuser systems used on resin, sand or activated carbon filters on sheet metal, ebonite coating or stainless steel plates (mirrors).

Filter Nozzle

TKN Filter Nozzle product pallet, steel (for sand / anthracite / activated carbon / ion exchange resin systems) moss (gravel) filter internal equipment or concrete (for quick sand filters) improvement in all filter and drainage systems, drinking water filtration, industrial treatment , demineralized water processes, as well as hundreds of types of nozzles that respond to all kinds of needs that can be used in all processes such as river water, water withdrawal filters from underground water sources, swimming pool filters, agricultural irrigation filters and so on.

Quality, Trust, Design, Durability

• Minimum pressure loss • Maximum filtration rate • Optimization of backwash efficiencies • Prevention of filter material leakage in filter backwashing • Minimal maintenance / replacement costs due to high physical / chemical resistance

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